About Padang Bai -

1000px-Bali-Padangbai-MapPadang Bai (also Padangbai and Padang Bay) is a small port town in East Bali Indonesia near Candidasa. It serves as a ferry port for travel to Lembar on Lombok, The Three Gilis other of the Lesser Sunda Islands. It is also a lovely beach town that is popular with those who prefer a small town atmosphere over the large scale beach party that is Kuta.

Most visitors to Padang Bai are there to catch a boat to Lombok and sadly miss out on a charming little place in its own right. People who do give it a chance often cancel their trip in order to spend more time in this lovely village. Spending a night or two here will certainly not be time wasted.

There is good diving and snorkeling in the immediate area, and a number of operators are present to cater for those activities. This is also a fairly convenient base from which to explore some of the wider attractions of East Bali. Accommodation tends to be quite basic and aimed at the backpacker market, but there are more upmarket options in town.

Besides the beach near the ferry terminal there is a beach just to the north known locally as the Blue Lagoon and the especially nice Secret Beach just to the south of town.

Many people go to Padangbai to Scuba Dive.

There’s a real traveller vibe about this little beach town that is also the port for the public ferry connecting Bali with Lombok and many of the fast boats to the Gilis.

Padangbai is is an attractive stop: it sits on a small bay and has a nice little curve of beach. A compact seaside backpackers hub offers cheap places to stay and some fun cafes.

The pace is slow, but should ambition strike there’s good snorkelling and diving plus some easy walks and a couple of great beaches. Meanwhile you can soak up the languid air punctuated by the occasional arrival and departure of a ferry.